The Encore Producer Awards (“EPA”) represent the best of the Hollywood Fringe as selected by venue producers, based on artistic merit and commercial potential. The extensions immediately follow the HFF2016 and run through July in participating fringe venues. Shows receive valuable extensions giving them the opportunity for additional audience, press, awards and extensions.

Past winners have gone on to additional extensions in LA, throughout the country and the around the world.

A few of our past winners include Pulp Shakespeare, Pokemusical, Sunny Afternoon, My Penis in and Out of Trouble, Bad Arm, The Birthday Boys, Take Me To the Poorhouse, The Devil and Billy Markham, I am Google and Who Loves You Baby, WOMEN, Meet & Greet.

Participating Venues include Actors Theatre – Lawrin Salazar, Asylum – Matthew Quinn, Sacred Fools – Padraic Duffy, The Complex – Monica Martin , The Lounge – Victoria Watson, Asylum – Matthew Quinn

Additional judges will help with the selection.

Interested venues should contact Matthew Quinn at mquinn@combinedartform.com


To be Considered:

Your production must be a registered participant of the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival and have at least 3 performances, including press week.

Your production must be available for at least one date during the THE ENCORE!PRODUCERS AWARD schedule, which immediately follows the Fringe and runs through July.

Your production must prove artistic merit, as well as commercial viability.

You agree to provide complimentary tickets to Encore Producers.

Participants are responsible for all production costs, tech support, and box office support.

Interested participants must register by completing the



Applying does not guarantee show will be viewed for consideration.


If you are selected:

Selected shows will be officially announced at the Fringe Awards ceremony on June 26th.

Selected shows will get at least one performance as part of the THE ENCORE!PRODUCERS AWARD following the Fringe festival in July. Typically extensions are one to two performances, but longer runs are possible.

Shows will have the opportunity for one technical rehearsal in the performance space if transferring from another venue.

An initial fee of 10% of total extension ticket sales will go to the THE ENCORE!PRODUCERS AWARD to cover administrative and publicity costs.

Participating venues agree to no cash up front and negotiate a co-pro deal.

A No Comp Policy will be in affect.

Preferences go to the home venue, but shows can relocate, and receive free tech time as appropriate.


For Venues

For Participating Venues:

Expanding to multiple venues provides participants the opportunity for more performances and creates an atmosphere in which participants can seek out a venue deal that is most suitable to their needs.  Venues must offer co-production deals, with no cash up, followed by a 50-50 Split.

THE ENCORE! PRODUCERS AWARD  will manage ticketing, and provide centralized publicity, and a unified website with links to all the involved venues. Please note,  THE ENCORE! PRODUCERS AWARD  will not provide technical staff or box office staff for performances.

Hollywood Fringe host venues may have a representative on THE ENCORE! PRODUCERS AWARD  Selection Committee.  Selection Committee members, or their envoy(s), agree to nominate individual shows for extension.  The show is then evaluated and approved by at least one other member of the Selection Committee for inclusion in the EPA.

Venues not participating in the Hollywood Fringe may extend a production, if approved by the committee.

While original venues can make the first offer for extension, counter offers can be offered for the best deal for the show.  Participants can negotiate a straight rental instead of a co-production, however, all deals should honor the spirit of using the ENCORE series as a platform to assess commercial viability.

Venues can approach participants for selection as early as 6/16. The selection committee will communicate regularly during the festival to discuss potential extensions and scheduling.

No groups can be approached without the approval of the EPA committee.

Cost of participation: There is no upfront cost for venue participation in THE ENCORE! PRODUCERS AWARD.  The first 10% of all ticket sales goes to the ENCORES to cover administrative and publicity costs. The money is collected and paid by the venue.

For additional information please contact info@theencoreawards.com